If you are breastfeeding/pregnant or trying to conceive, there is something you need you know about one of the top recommended for pregnancy vitamin - Folic Acid.

Folic acid is NOT naturally found in the human body or in food. Folic acid, as a supplement is converted into usable forms of folate but the conversion is limited and it will not cross the placenta like natural folate.

Unfortunately, most pregnancy vitamins/supplements contain folic acid and not folate because the production is cheaper.

Folic Acid is not Folate.

Folate is necessary for the production of DNA. New DNA is necessary for all new cell production.

When a baby is in the womb there is constant cell division which requires the production of new cells and this process requires a large supply of folate.

Folate also assists in the development of the face, heart and a healthy birth weight.

I am sure you would want your baby to get the best quality of everything you consume in your diet so please do not save £££ on this very important nutrient.

Folic acid does prevent neural tube defect but it does not have the same beneficial effects of natural folate.

My advice to you would be: when shopping for your vitamins, make sure that it says “folate”, “5-methyl-tetrahydrofolate”, “l-methyl folate” or “metfolin” on the ingredients list.

My favourite prenatal supplementation will be Pregnancy essential from Nutri Advanced. Their pregnancy care range contains Folate, not Folic acid.

Let me know if you need any help finding really good supplementation,

Thank you

Vera x

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