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Pregnancy Program

No time is more important for optimum nutrition, the right mindset and exercise plan than while you are pregnant. You have 9 months to give the best version of you and it can be very demanding, overwhelming and tiring. There are so many things and tricks to be learned and read up on before baby arrives. The last thing you want to do is to get covered in books about nutrition and exercise while pregnant. Don’t panic, I have you covered. My pregnancy program will cover all aspects of:

  • Mindset. When you are expecting, there are so many things to worry about: you and your baby’s health, your relationships and your finances. It can put a physical, mental and emotional toll on a pregnant woman. However, you can always control how you handle and manage the stress you face on the daily basis. In the program, I am showing mind-body relaxation techniques which can help you to relax and overcome a negative mindset and empower you to have a healthy, happy and successful pregnancy.
  • Training plan. It is a myth that you should not be exercising while you are pregnant. It’s actually the best thing you can do for you and your baby and there are even more reasons to keep moving — or get moving, even if you haven’t had an exercise routine in the past. Anything from easing back and pelvic pain to reduce the risk of pregnancy complications. I have designed a training plan which covers you through all 3 trimesters to help you get strong, fight the fatigue, improve sleep, lower blood pressure and improve your mood.
  • Nutrition plan. It takes only 9 months to build your baby’s health from scratch. Getting optimal intake of all the nutrients you need during pregnancy is So over the course of 3 trimesters we will have a look at the different nutrients you need to make sure your baby’s getting all they need to develop just perfectly.
  • Supplementation. To support the nutritional needs of you and your developing baby during pregnancy, a supplementation plan to boost levels of vital nutrients is recommended. Getting an optimal intake of all the nutrients you need is vital – not only so that you have a healthy pregnancy but also to ensure that your baby develops to its full potential


Post – Natal Program/ Mothers

Congratulations, now the wait is over and you finally have your baby in your arms. Although you have had 9 months to get used to the idea, this can be an overwhelming time. In this program I show you how to get off to a great start for both yourself and your baby, including:

  • Mindset. Every new mum will face a challenge of managing hormonal and chemical changes. Postnatal Depression and feeling weepy or down is very common. It can be improved and supported with some mindset techniques which will put your attention into the right way. I will be sharing with you my top daily quick techniques which you can apply if you are feeling down or negative about yourself.
  • Training plan. Postnatal is forever. Your body has changed and it needs to be treated and trained differently. The body needs time to heal, recover, and adjust. Your postnatal training prescription must reflect that need. Performing exercises that put direct stress on the diastasis and pelvic floor, potentially causes undue harm to long-term core function. I’ve had countless women tell me horror stories of their postnatal fitness classes including crunches, sit-ups, burpees, leg raises, running, and more. My post-natal program guides you on to a safe, effective journey to where you feel sexy, confident, comfortable, and strong.
  • Nutrition plan. Dieting and restricting yourself from certain foods is the last thing you need right now. Getting just enough of the right nutrients will help you to speed up the healing process, so a flexible nutrition approach is what I propose to all of my new mums and they love it. A healthy diet will affect your mood and how you feel for the rest of that day and night, so getting foods rich in particular nutrients can help you with repairing damaged tissues and preventing
  • Supplementation plan. Giving birth is physically and nutritionally demanding. Your stores of vitamins and minerals will have been fully called upon. All vital nutrients have been transferred to your baby and will stay in the placenta afterwards. To restore your minerals and vitamins, I have a supplementation plan for you to follow for the first 2 weeks after the birth and sustain you through breastfeeding.