Absolutely. Swimming will help you to maintain your fitness throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Water is providing a safe and warm environment.
Water workout can be quite enjoyable as your bump grows. Also, in water you will feel considerably lighter than on land. Swimming, deep water walking and aqua aerobics will offload the pressure on your joints, including your back.
In the first and second trimester you can enjoy breaststroke style too.
In your third trimester, swimming continues to be an excellent form of aerobic exercise. You can easily control how hard you work and how long you swim for, making swimming a safe exercise. It is important to note that the increase of relaxin hormones on your joints and growing size of your bump, you need to be careful with a breaststroke leg kick in. You have to be careful if you are already experiencing pelvic girdle pain, PGP).
Whilst exercise in the water can be very safe and beneficial, please assess the risks with activities such as scuba diving because of the impact of the blood pressure and volume so as it is not forbidden to perform in the 1st trimester.
Please remember to take extra care when getting in and out of the swimming pool to avoid the chance of falling or slipping.

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