Magnesium is one of the most crucial minerals needed in pregnancy. Magnesium works with calcium and vitamin D to form your baby's bones and teeth. It's also key for the development of heart muscles and the nervous system. Magnesium is essential for energy production as well. The ideal daily intake for a pregnant woman can be anything up to 600mcg, of which 300mcg will need to be supplemented.

Best food sources of magnesium: almond, cashew, Brazil nuts, peanuts, cooked beans, garlic, raisins, green peas, potato skin, crab, green leafy vegetables.

If you know that you do not have a lot of these foods, you will need to supplement at least 350mcg of good quality of magnesium. Read the back label of your pregnancy multivitamin and see how much of magnesium you get so that you know if you need to supplement extra.

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