Who’s Else Wants To Feel Healthy, Energised And Strong During Their Pregnancy?

Now You Can Feel Healthy, Vibrant & Strong Without Worrying About What is Safe For You & Your Baby

I want to take a minute to tell you about a friend of mine.  Rebecca was really struggling with morning sickness, low back pain and feeling tired all the times during her pregnancy.

She tried everything:

- Perform Crunches And Sit-Ups to Build a Strong Core.

- Asked Family and Friends for Foods She Could Eat

- Eating All The Wrong Foods To Try & Increase Her Energy

And despite all her hard work, her efforts, and the amount of research she’d done on this subject, she just couldn’t seem to see past the conflicting information.
She was at her wits end and feeling miserable. 
She was always tired, exhausted, emotional, in pain and feeling like being healthy, happy and strong during her pregnancy was just not possible.
I’m sure you know the feeling...
You try eating more foods for more energy and feel scared to try exercise because you are not sure if it is safe. 
So on the other hand...
How do other pregnant women seem to be having a healthy, sickness free, smooth and strong pregnancy?
You’re desperate to have more strength, energy, less fatigue, and cravings, yet you are not sure what you can and cannot do. 
But listen up, because I’m here to tell you something very important.
It’s not your fault.
See the majority of people are lying to you, and telling you things that not only fail to get you healthy and feeling good about yourself but things that could actually make your pregnancy more miserable and potentially cause damage to you and your baby's health.

Here are the top 5 common pregnancy beliefs that can influence your pregnancy and how you feel during your journey: 

1- Morning sickness and nausea during the first 12 weeks

2 - Eating for two and whatever foods you want is ok
3 - Experience lower back pain and cramps 
4 - Feeling tired, fatigued, miserable and unhappy with yourself
5 - Only start exercising AFTER having a baby.
So if you don't want all these ‘traditional pregnancy stories ’ to become your reality, then 
you’re in luck.
By stumbling across this page, and reading the secrets I’m about to reveal, you’re about to put yourself at a huge advantage, and get access the program that’s taken me years of experience and thousands of pounds to develop.
Let me introduce you to "Healthier & Fitter Pregnancy Program"
With Healthier & Fitter Pregnancy Program you can:
  • Get healthy and strong exercising safely and less than 3 hours a week

  • Dramatically increase your energy levels so you can actually enjoy the time you are pregnant

  • Learn about what foods to eat to help you feel vibrant and energised and ease off your morning sickness as well as giving your baby the best possible start in life 

  • Get educated on what exercises to do that will improve your pelvic floor, posture and core 

  • Learn which exercises you should avoid so that you can be injury free during and after your pregnancy

  • Get your optimum vitamins & mineral intake so your health and your baby's health can thrive 

  • Learn what exercises are safe for your abdominal muscles to keep your back strong and avoid any pains or injuries

  • Get fit to help you reduce your time in labour

  • Enjoy support and accountability of all the other mums to be in the community

I guess you’re wondering what makes me qualified to talk about being healthy, strong and energized during pregnancy.

Well, the first thing you should know about me is that I am NOT a Celebrity Pregnancy Expert

But here’s what I AM...

I am Veera Stannard, and I have been in the health and fitness industry for almost 10 years.  

During this time I have come across many women who have suffered from low energy levels, nutrition deficiencies as well as nasty injuries that really messed up their bodies during and after their pregnancy.

After seeing the emotional and physical pain these women were going through, I just knew I had to research better ways to help pregnant women feel more energized, strong and healthy for life!

I have been lucky enough to have helped hundreds of pregnant women get strong, energized and healthy so that they can feel their absolute best when they become a mother.

I have also experienced pregnancy on myself and I can guarantee you that the methods I am going to share with you have not only changed my life completely, they will dramatically change yours too!

I had been suffering a lot of sickness during pregnancy and needed something to focus on to try and get back on to a healthier path. I've always tried to exercise regularly and eat healthily but unfortunately, due to sickness, it was a case of eating what you can keep down! Veera offered some good tips on small changes to a diet which made me feel like I was getting back to a better diet. The exercise plan gave me a focus to do something at home when too tired to face the gym. Encouragement, focus, advice was amazing. If you feel you don't have time (like me!) it's simple to follow online as and when you get a chance. There's no pressure, you can do what you're comfortable with and you know you can ask questions if you need to. I had looked online a couple of times for good pregnancy exercises and found a lot of conflicting information so it's reassuring to have a well-informed exercise plan for your stage during pregnancy.

Claire, from Manchester, 31 weeks

I was struggling to get motivated to exercise during pregnancy and struggling to find time to exercise with working and being extremely tired, also not knowing what exercises were suitable for pregnancy. Fitter Mums online program motivated me to exercise and exercises were tailored to each trimester of pregnancy. I followed home workouts which were great for not having time to get to the gym with working long hours! This alongside the nutritional information helped me to become more motivated to exercise during pregnancy which in turn increased my energy levels and makes you generally feel better about yourself when you're at your largest! Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to keep fit throughout their pregnancy and needs that extra push and motivation to keep fit during pregnancy. It was nice being part of the group and learning from not only Vera but other mums experiences. 

Natalie, from Burnley, 31 weeks

I was a bit unsure what I can do and what definitely not. I was reading books and watching YouTube, but as I was training the whole my life it felt that I can train more. Vera's online program tips gave me understanding that I can continue training. I was able to carry on to train. I haven’t actually trained with Vera in reality but for her online programs, the support was amazing. Pregnancy is the best time to become even more healthy for your own and baby's sake. 

Kristina, from Stockholm, 26 weeks