Last week, there was an article on the BBC website regarding breastfeeding and bottle feeding babies.

Please read the full article here:

As a future mother myself, I don't think there should be any pressure on any women to breastfeed. Mother's will decide what is be the best for her and her baby. Yes, there are tons of benefits of breast milk, and bottled milk cannot replace the quality of the breast milk, but if it makes a woman unhappy, miserable, tired and fatigued all the time, then she should not be pressured to breastfeed.

Because I work with new mums on a daily basis, I know how intense it can be and how much time needs to be spent on expressing and breastfeeding. Yes, women are supposed to sacrifice their time and energy to give to their baby, but if that makes her miserable and stops her from being happy than no one will benefit.

Your decision can also depend on where are currently in life. If you are a stay at home mother who just wants to give all of your time and energy to your baby, then yeah of course breastfeed. But on the other hand, if you need to return back to work in 3 months or you are self-employed or just love your job, then maybe breastfeeding for six months won’t fit in your life. And that’s also ok.

My recommendation to all mothers-to-be would be something like this: be prepared and open to trying all of the feeding options. When a baby arrives, you will then decide what suits you and your baby best. I am prepared to try to breastfeed and express but guess what, if it will make me miserable and stop me from doing things I want, I won’t do it.

Furthermore, we live in a different society where a woman wants to achieve lots too, and that should not be taken away from them. There is a lot of work that needs to be done within the local midwives because my midwife has asked me quite a few times if I am going to breastfeed and it does feel like a little bit of pressure to do so.

What experiences have you had with breastfeeding and bottle feeding?

I'd love to know.

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