Hi! My name is Veera and I am a qualified Pre/Post Natal Fitness Expert. I have been spending years working with pregnant women and new mothers. My online exercise programs are guaranteed to be safe and effective.
I have helped over 100 women to stay fit & healthy during pregnancy. 

I have taken all the physiological, hormonal and psychological changes woman goes through whilst pregnant. It took me years of experience and hours of studying to develop the best possible services for mothers-to-be and new mothers.

"I have seen a lot of bad advice given to pregnant women/new mums regarding exercise and staying active so I have decided to dedicate my life and purpose to train this market safely and effectively" - Veera Stannard, CEO. 


I was struggling to get motivated to exercise during pregnancy and struggling to find time to exercise with working and being extremely tired, also not knowing what exercises were suitable for pregnancy. Fitter Mums online program motivated me to exercise and exercises were tailored to each trimester of pregnancy. I followed home workouts which were great for not having time to get to the gym with working long hours! This alongside the nutritional information helped me to become more motivated to exercise during pregnancy which in turn increased my energy levels and makes you generally feel better about yourself when you're at your largest! Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to keep fit throughout their pregnancy and needs that extra push and motivation to keep fit during pregnancy. It was nice being part of the group and learning from not only Vera but other mums experiences.

Natalie, from Burnley, 31 weeks

I was a bit unsure what I can do and what definitely not. I was reading books and watching YouTube, but as I was training the whole my life it felt that I can train more. Vera's online program tips gave me understanding that I can continue training. I was able to carry on to train. Motivation. Support Hard to say, as I haven’t actually trained with Vera in reality but for her online programs the support was amazing. Pregnancy is the best time to become even more healthy for your own and baby's sake.

Kristina, from Stockholm, 26 weeks

I had been suffering a lot of sickness during pregnancy and needed something to focus on to try and get back on to a healthier path. I've always tried to exercise regularly and eat healthily but unfortunately, due to sickness, it was a case of eating what you can keep down! Veera offered some good tips on small changes to a diet which made me feel like I was getting back to a better diet. The exercise plan gave me a focus to do something at home when too tired to face the gym. Encouragement, focus, advice was amazing. If you feel you don't have time (like me!) it's simple to follow online as and when you get a chance. There's no pressure, you can do what you're comfortable with and you know you can ask questions if you need to. I had looked online a couple of times for good pregnancy exercises and found a lot of conflicting information so it's reassuring to have a well-informed exercise plan for your stage during pregnancy.

Claire, from Manchester, 31 weeks